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Carving the Grid

Arrowheads. Pattern_02.

Pattern_02 of the three arrowheads.

P.S. I watch green arrow while working.
Stephen Amell is pretty amazing and distracting inspiration.

From Pattern on a paper to the paper cutting.

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Arrowheads. Pattern_01.

Researching for a different project, i came arrow ancient arrows and arrowheads. Arrows, when they were used, marked a certain army or a cavalry or an individual. Their make and carvings needed to be specific. It was almost like a visual identity, according to what i have perceived. Well, weapons have always intrigued me and arrows and swords in general. Weapons of valor, i call them.
I used my love for symmetry to try and depict the beauty of a well carved arrowhead. Pattern i have used are mixed celtic and geometric based. And they a inspired form existing patterns. I absolutely enjoyed working on this. I plan to try a 3D version of these soon.
This is the first of the 3 patterns.

Talini 100%
Ahh ! I always enjoy this moment. The finished work.

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Project 04. Islamic Geometry.

Been looking through some architecture for reference, as symmetry presides most architecture. Islamic architecture has some beautiful symmetric and geometric pattern which run through the walls and the ceiling and marbled floors. The star shape is a prominent emblem used.
I tried out one such pattern, tried to capture an essence of the architecture.

Me being model for my work.

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Project 03. Triangular Grid.

I found an intriguing pattern and just had to carve it out.
From hand drawing the pattern to carving it out, the process was good learning to be better, neater and precise.
To the most stable form. Ever.
The triangle.

Sotla 100%
Hand drawn grid. Ready to be cut !

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Project 02. Circular Loops.

Geometric patterns continue. Project 02 of the Carving the grid series.
The process of getting to the final pattern, lead me into discovering new patterns after finishing each round of cutting.
Ah! The beauty of symmetry .


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Project 01. Flower of life.

Geometric patterns.Flower of Life (Explored).
Project 01 of the Carving the Grid series.
Paper cutting my way into peace.
Simple beginnings. Practicing.
Back to doing what I love.

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Carving the Grid.
( Series of paper carvings)

I have taken up a new project in paper cutting.
It deals with geometric patterns, symmetrical patterns, grids – hence the name. Geometric and symmetric patterns have always imparted a sense of balance and stability and calmness. And so this endeavor is putting two things i like alot grids and papercutting together.
If you see the actually go hand in hand.

– Shu ruh

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