So this year I decided to take part in the Inktober Challenge by Jake Parker. He started this challenge in 2012, with the sole purpose that one discovers the joys of sketching daily. And at the end of the month one gets to see the change in the sketches. 
For me, this was one of the best decisions till date. I committed myself to this, and it laid the ground work to my own style that i have been trying to develop for a while. I got over the fear of penning down ideas I had. Sometimes great ideas are lost, just because of the fear of them not turning out to be as I visualized in my head. I saw ideas flowing through my fingers, there were good days and bad , but there was progress. And in the end I was left with a good habbit.
31 days of exploring potentials.
28 sketches, good and bad. (i started late 😛 ) 
31 ideas that came to life on a small piece of paper. 

An Exploring Wanderer.


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