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Future Cities- Let’s Co-depend rather than co-exist.



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JDCA Museum Gallery Design, Orissa.

JDCA is Museum cum Art Residency Project by Siddhartha Das. Main content of the museum is the collection of Mr Jatin Das, his father. Jatin Das has a large collection of paintings, photographs, sketches, pottery , pankha , handicrafts and handlooms from all over India and abroad. I took up the gallery design for the Pankha collection.

This project was done during my classroom project. This was a live project and i was asked to present concepts for the gallery design.
DP 316

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Focus on the Child- Travelling Exhibition (CRY)

A Travelling Exhibition for CRY’s photo journalism initiative “Click Rights”.

Photo journalism campaign to reach out to people talking about child labour still being persistent in India. Below is the the process and the final concept details.

Tribal Cultural Museum- Museum Study.

Tribal Cultural Museum is a government run museum in Pune, Maharastra. As a part of a course in NID, i did a study of this museum , generally looking at the space, display, communication, lighting, management and security , and maintenance and staff. A place rich with tribal culture..


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Linking Sarkhej- Working with Communities

1st design project at NID and a great success ! Final exhibition put up at Design Gallery NID- Linking Sarkhej. This is the process through which we (students of Exhibition Design 4th sem, NID) arrived at putting up the final exhibition. i have mainly put up my contributions to the exhibition.

DP 1 - Linking Sarkhej

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Open Elective- Modulo Kirigami.

3D pillar cladding using fusing fabric

open elective

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Project Onix- Structures of sustainability.

Project Onix is an installation art, themed as to convey a gateway or a pathway for Graduating Students of NID, Ahmedabad, to walk through. Its like crossing the bridge between two stages, as we experiance a changed state of ourselves, or simply metamorphosis, with a feeling of encouragement to keep walking.

Project Onix
time duration: 10 days
Installation made as a part of 2012 Convocation @ NID.
Exhibition Design 4th Semester students.

Snp portfolio

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The Cubist Sofa.

The Cubist Sofa is a concept for modern furniture, made by taking inspiration from Edward Kauffer’s work, Pablo Picasso’s paintings and the ideas of Cubism.


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The Tulip Collection- Recreating Bamboo.

The Tulip Collection is a lampshades collection made using Bamboo. In the world where plastic, and unnatural materials are in extensive use, we created a product made from a natural material , at a low cost and something that is very sustainable. The future is of sustainability , plus the natural material provides its own beauty. These products were created by my group Me (Shruti Saha), Thinlay Dorjee and Arjun completely after learning the works of bamboo from artisans.

SnM Pro13_1

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