” Happiness is doing what you love and loving what you do . ”
– Someone said this,but I say it with much love.
Hi !
I’m Shruti Saha. / Shu ruh.
I am a storyteller and a musician and a learner,with a thirst for knowledge !
Well technically,  I’m a Spatial and exhibition designer. I graduated from National Institute of Design in 2015. Other than doing what was required to graduate, i picked up a few more skills down the road of that journey.
I have forever been a jack of many trades, be it music, arts, crafts . Dancing, well I’m way too clumsy (a lil’ lazy) for synchronized dancing,tehehe. But to master something, one must give in a decent amount of time practicing what one does. So here I have a collection of a the projects that i am do now and then. I like working with various different mediums to express my stories.
Well i also do like music, alot. It governs almost 70% of my day. Well the other 20% of the time i sleep and the 10% of the time is spent in removing my earphones and yelling at the person who just tapped my shoulder,”WHAT ? Do you know you just ruined a solo ! “
Also, animals.I love them. All of them. Big or small. Clean or dirty. Cute or scary.
Just, not insects. Not that much. But animals, oh the inspire me everyday.
And dogs, they are nature’s best and purest anti-depressants !
So, I hope you find what ever you were looking for that landed you here at my blog .
Inspire. Create. Spread love.
And go pet a dog , if you need some love!
For further details or conversations
call me on: 8087322796
or mail me on: shrutisaha.nid@gmail.com