So, the holiday was planned because mother wanted to go ‘somewhere’. The tickets were booked at the last minute, somehow they got confirmed. It was the 14th of june and we (Mom, Dad and Me) reached the station to see that the train is 2 hours late, well because of no damm reason. We were like okay, we’ll go to a mall near by and have dinner because the train was now arriving at 6:30. And the misery doesn’t stop there.

2 copy

We go out and come back to the station, only to see that the train is yet another hour late.. so we head to the waiting room , not just any waiting room, ‘The Upper Class waiting Room ‘. We struggle to find a place to sit and when we finally do, I start to ink stuff down in my sketchbook.

 The above was the view from my pov. And there were these two kids who were mesmerized by what i was doing! Well you see , i don’t understand kids ! I would rather go hug a Alien with tentacles , than hug kids, okay. But these two somehow made their way in my drawing. They were the most patient audience ever, and no matter what crap i drew they loved it, haha. When they were leaving, they said “Didi , you draw very well !” Well i wanted to argue, but they i thought on they are just to young for that. I smiled and thanked them.



Now this is an interesting story. As i sat in the waiting room and sketched, a dude appeared. I say dude because , when i saw the metallic apparition in his hand, i was like ‘oh dude, that is something ! ‘ So well it was a mirror cube, a variation in the line of the Rubik’s cube, just that this one is based on size and proportion and texture unlike color in the Rubik’s cube. I did a quick sketch while he was solving it , which  was quick, and I swore to myself, as i drew, that i shall learn how to solve this for sure. And for the record i have ! So yay. And the guy, i don’t know his name or anything , but he took a picture of the unfinished sketch. So if you read this post by any chance ‘dude’ here is the finished sketch !


The train did arrive. 5:30 hrs later. A 4 o clock train reaching by 10. It was just wonderful !
But yes train journey. Due to comfort reasons, I had stopped travelling through second class sleeper coach altogether, but mother and I decided, we could sacrifice comfort for the view. The Goa Express routes through the western ghat, and that’s a view you don’t wanna miss. i sketched a few places when the train was approaching goa.
1) Londa : Well now that’s a very amusing name for a place. Anyways, it was a secluded little place with amazing weather.

2) Castlerock : Now doesn’t it sound like a place from a fantasy series.. (remember castleblack ?) This place was bespoke and magical. Calm , covered in mist, with structural buildings. Oh i wish i could spend a little more time here. One day i wish to go to this place. Need to wander and get lost here.


Finding peace in rarest of the places.

We stayed in the Candolim area, specifically at Jessica lavish Inn. Sounds so ‘lavish’ right ? It was a simple wooden , one room cottage , on the ground floor opening out to a garden amidst high rise building and flats. So this is my version of the room as i experienced it.


I spent 3 day in Goa. And each of the illustration below describes each day.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

” In that moment , when I looked deep into your soul, for a brief moment, I saw clarity, in an ocean of fantasy ” –  well, Me


I left Goa with a heavy heart, and i think a part of my soul was swept away with the waves and i must return soon to find it back. But, until then, I shall keep the yearning live in my  heart. For when the ocean calls for you, there is no way out.