percy jackson_blue pancakes
Day dreaming about blue pancakes – Percy Jackson

I think it was in my second year of college, after listening to a friend blabber about the Greeks, with much great zeal i must add, while i was trying to enjoy an episode from the new found love- the series FRIENDS , I got intrigued my the Greek Mythology. For almost two year , I made it a point that whenever i’d find time , i would try and read and understand it, or make people explain it to me. But well that never happened ! One evening i would remember- oh! Greek Mythology, and would quickly do a google search to understand the mythology and get distracted eventually and be watching a zit popping video 2 hours later (i know its gross, but it’s entertaining). So college got over, I graduated , and now I was finally jobless, (literally and figuratively, haha) and i started reading books. Books i had always wanted to read. Bill Bryson’s books, LOTR, Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Animal Farm and 1984, and many more which i could lay my hands on. What lead me to Percy Jackson was an unrelated pinterest post on Nico de Angelo. It was a fan art and i assumed it was a comic series. On further research (well what you call a google search) , I learn he is a demi-god. Now what is a Demigod? Sounded interesting, so i read further, and found that it was in  relation to Greek mythology and Percy’s name popped up !
And then that was it, I found my way into Greek Mythology !
Well i wouldn’t base my knowledge about the mythology on the books, but it was a creative way into the world of the Greek Gods and Godesses. I am 3 books down and 2 more to go, but i have thoroughly enjoyed the writer’s vivid imagination !

This fan art is made from a reference. And I am learning to digitally paint, hence any resemblance to other fan art is intended, because monkey see, monkey do. Haha.
I intended to make some blue pancakes for me-self soon.

Shu-ruh .
June 2016.