Researching for a different project, i came arrow ancient arrows and arrowheads. Arrows, when they were used, marked a certain army or a cavalry or an individual. Their make and carvings needed to be specific. It was almost like a visual identity, according to what i have perceived. Well, weapons have always intrigued me and arrows and swords in general. Weapons of valor, i call them.
I used my love for symmetry to try and depict the beauty of a well carved arrowhead. Pattern i have used are mixed celtic and geometric based. And they a inspired form existing patterns. I absolutely enjoyed working on this. I plan to try a 3D version of these soon.
This is the first of the 3 patterns.

Talini 100%
Ahh ! I always enjoy this moment. The finished work.


Making of the patterns. Sir Richard Gere watching over me.

Preparing to start work , setting the mood

Process patterns, always enjoy the process!

Talini 100%
Framed. Finished work. Arrowhead. Pattern_01.
Process GIF.

~ Fin ~